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How to Generate Leads for a Consulting Business

The volume of leads of each consulting firm will vary greatly depending on your niche and the power of your brand in a given niche.

The 7 Steps To A Killer SEO Strategy

An effective SEO strategy organises your website’s content and architecture by topic to support your business goals, meet your customer needs and inform Google of a users searching intent.

Business Goals, Audiences & Value Props

Optimization is more than just meta tags and links. Search is a marketing channel, and that channel caters to particular audiences with specific needs to be met while also fulfilling your website goals.

How to Do In-Depth Keyword Research

The purpose of keyword research is to determine topics relevant to what you provide, the best keywords to target and incorporate, and to prioritize content and topics based on relevance and search volume.

Conducting Opportunity & Gap Analysis

For existing businesses a gap and opportunity analysis is an excellent way to use Google search volume data and your existing traffic data to get a clear picture of your website's strengths and weaknesses.

Who Are Your Competitors?

If we know which businesses rank in the top spots, we can dissect the strategies and techniques they employ to get there. We then have a really clear understanding what it takes to rank your website and beat the competition.

Analysing the Competitive Landscape

If your goal is to be ranked in the top 5 on Google for the categories relevant to your business, then you need to dissect what, why, and how the other guys are doing it. That’s where competitive analysis comes in.

SEO Strategy & Recommendations

Now it’s time to pull it all together into an actionable strategy. It may sound like a daunting task, in this step, we will round up all the data from steps 1–5 and create a document of strategic SEO recommendations.

Prioritisation & Cost Benefit Analysis

The goal of a strategy is not to overload a business. It is to provide actionable steps, in order of priority, to take your business from its current position to reigning supreme on the web.


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